Monday, May 3, 2010

Dealing with Anger

There is a lot of anger in the world right now. Much like a bunch of spoiled kids accustomed to having their way, people are yelling and lashing out about how life isn't the way they want it. My view as a coach, is that people who are yelling are in pain. It is not up to us to stop their pain, but rather reframe our response to it, in the moment. Here is the reframe- pain and challenges are purposeful, they are for our good. We learn from them, we grow from how we respond to the pain and challenges. The challenges we have now are the best for our future. We must let people experience what they experience.

So let's create a paradigm shift. If we respond with compassion to anger, we can harness the energy and use it to lead the way to peace. Compassion, as a response, does not mean we have to DO anything. There is nothing to do. It is simply a startegy and.... it takes practice; especially when our buttons get pushed. The more we practice, the less we judge, and the faster it becomes our default response. As we provide the space of compassion, we model strength of character and strength of puropose - and it WILL affect others. It will trickle down and trickle up.

Compassion can and will change our lives. Compassion for our own humanity, compassion for the humanity of others, for our bosses, our parents, our children, spouses, lousy commercials on TV, etc.

I am committed to practicing compassion. Will you join me?

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