Monday, January 4, 2010

Strengths Success System (S³) ™
December 2010

Restore Strength, Passion & Performance to Your Life

How often are you doing what you do best at work?
How passionate are you about what you do at work?
In general has your focus been on leveraging your strengths or improving your weaknesses?
Are you aware that people who do what they do best EVERY day are 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life overall?

Gallup's research reveals that only 12% of people in the workplace utilize their strengths "most of the time." In general, society is fascinated by weaknesses (most employee reviews bear this out), and we take strengths for granted. Years of research prove that individuals and teams playing to their strengths significantly outperform those who don't in almost every business metric.Welcome to the Strengths Success System (S³) ™, a 3 part system to refocus around your top 3 strengths and restore Strength, Passion and Performance to your professional and personal life. The Strengths Success System (S³) ™ supports you in:

Getting clear about your strengths and weaknesses
Building your strengths and managing around your weaknesses
Consistently performing from your strengths and passion
The program is ideal for either individuals or teams who want to identify key areas of strengths and learn strategies for ensuring top performance. Key Benefits of the Strengths Success System (S³) ™:

Change the way you view yourself and the world around you by focusing on your strengths instead of weaknesses.
Receive information, structured support and accountability.
Restore your strengths, passion and performance in your daily life.
Your coaches are leading edge specialists in producing results quicker than you otherwise would on your own.

It is delivered by teleconference in six- sessions, sixty minutes each, over six weeks and facilitated by two Master Certified Coaches- Susan Klein and Janine Schindler.This program is limited to 10-12 participants at the cost of $129.00 so please register early! Registration closes on Wednesday Feb. 10th.

Date & TimeThis program will be delivered:Date: Wednesdays, Feb. 17 through March 24thTime: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)Registration closes Wednesday Feb 10, 2010As life may get in the way as it often does, each session will be recorded so that you can fully participate.BEGIN REGISTRATION HERE and to contact us for more information.