Thursday, September 3, 2009

Executive Coaching Programs

Using a variety of interviews, assessment tools and on-site observations, we create individualized programs for expanding awareness, attitudes, performance and productivity. Over the coaching engagement, in a “partnership” relationship, coaching empowers leaders to achieve sustainable, high-impact results, inspire action, enhance leadership skills, maintain focus, stress management.

While all coaching focuses on effectiveness, productivity and performance, there are tailored approaches. Some of the executive coaching programs are:

Performance Coaching

For the executive who is very competent yet may be challenged in other areas, such communication or leadership style. The focus is on effective communication, leadership competencies and style development.

Success Coaching

For the “high potential” executive who is already successful and knows they have greater potential that has either not been identified, or is not being utilized. With coaching, these individuals can accelerate their growth and success.

Transition Coaching

For the individual who is either on-boarding to the organization or has been recently promoted. Coaching ensures they have rapid adjustment to the culture in the first 90 days while being able to contribute strengths and talents.

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