Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Success Is Worth It

Coach Susan Klein

Success Technologies, Inc. 

(561) 865-9862,

Executives and business owners- get immediate impact and sustained results with coaching services and leadership development. With a coach as your partner, you are able to produce new levels of performance in the face of rapid change, competition and fear. Coaching services provide clarity, focus and direction. Most important, coaching is results-oriented, providing positive change that can be measured, as well as observed.

Executive Coaching Program is for executives and managers who are committed to a level of excellence for themselves and their staff. An executive coach will support you with time and energy management, maximize your strengths, improve your ability to influence others, keep your ideas focused and stress management.

Business Coaching for small to mid-size businesses to develop strategies and techniques and think strategically for business success. With a business coach, you will develop systems and create accountability. Take the Biz Whiz Assessment to identify 100 key factors for profitability and success.

Leadership Development and Coaching to build powerful strength-based teams and a collaborative work culture centered around communication and trust. Leaders develop authentic styles that enable them to influence and motivate for the goals of the organization and the individuals.

Career Coaching supports you in making some big changes and provides tailored solutions during career transition without struggle.

Team Coaching benefits organizations who want to build high- performance teams, and demonstrate better cross-team and in-line team communication and collaboration skills with an effective and inexpensive approach.

If you are looking for a way to meet current challenges without struggle, Contact us today.

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